Allergens in Your Carpet?

Suffering from allergies in your own home? Could be that your home needs a deep carpet clean or air duct clean. Allergy symptoms can worsen at home because of this negligence. Keep your carpet clean so you don’t have to suffer through your allergy symptoms year round.

What can you do ensure that you get your carpets cleaned properly? Hiring a professional steam cleaning service is much safer than to try to do it yourself. Sure you can try to do your own carpet cleaning with your standard vacuum or shampooer, but it is not likely to actually get your carpet clean to the point where it effects your allergies.

Using a industrial carpet cleaning steamer allows you to kill pollen and other allergens while removing them at the same time. Most regular vacuum cleaning equipment only stirs up the pollen inside the carpet. It does not kill bacteria and pollen or even remove most of it.

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