Why I decided to get my carpets cleaned . . . professionally!

Getting your carpets cleaned may seem like a thing most people would generally blow off. I mean, you would think using a regular vacuum would take care of it in itself, right? Well I thought I had it figured out and professional carpet cleaning seemed like a scam to me at the time. If your located in Cypress, Tx I suggest you use cypress carpet cleaning service,  they’re great!

Now here’s the real reason you should get your carpet steam cleaned regularly. It shouldn’t just be for a better, cleaner home or office but for a healthier you. When you get your carpets professionally cleaned (depending on the level of expertise and equipment from your service provider), you remove and kill bacteria and allergens that can be detrimental to your health.

How many of you wear shoes when walking around in your home? If you do, I guarantee that there is butt load of bacteria and probably animal waste as well just “sitting” on your carpet.

My point is, don’t just get your carpet cleaned, get the healthy so that YOU are healthy. How long are at home? Well, probably a minimum of 8 hours a day just based on your sleep time. Now, I know none of you would be willing to sit in a room full of bacteria, dirt, and dog poo for 8 hours day in and day out and think that that is beneficial for your body.

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